At Banks we pride ourselves on our attention to detail. Using only the very best materials, each cover is carefully tailored to the highest standard.Every cover is fitted with adjustable draw strings, soft webbing belly bands, and velcro and buckle fastenings to give a snug fit.

The choice of material is yours - choose either PVC or cotton polyester. Our under covers are supplied in hard wearing nylon..

Our covers last and last and last...

Banks Sails Dinghy Covers

Flat Top Cover - Breathable Material


Easy to fit and can be used with the mast up or down. The main halyard attachment webbing ring helps the cover to shed water. The main halyard attachment webbing ring helps the cover to shed water.

Our Price: £261.00 Inc VAT

Trailing Covers


Trailing covers are top covers without openings for masts and shrouds. They reduce drag considerably when towing. Our trailing covers are handmade from quality PVC.

Our Price: £154.00 Inc VAT

Under Covers


Undercovers protect the hull of the boat from knocks and scratches, particularly when trailing. Our undercovers are handmade from quality nylon.

Our Price: £177.00 Inc VAT

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About Company

Banks Sails was founded because of the demand for dinghy and small keelboat sails designed by Bruce Banks and later by Ken Rose. They quickly established a reputation as an innovative supplier of top quality dinghy and small keelboat sails.

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372 Brook Lane,
England, SO31 7ZA